The Magic of Copper Dice

The Magic of Copper Dice

We’ve all purchased dice that look/feel/remind us of our RPG characters - I know I have. If you haven’t, you’ve probably thought about it, haven’t you? Personally, I’ve only ever played a Druid, so I’ve always gone for the beautiful green dice sets that best portray my grassy earthy halfling on the table.

Green druid dice sets

Great and all, having dice in the colors of your character, right? But what if I told you there was a set of dice out there that physically, literally grows and ages with your character, and also shows it on the table?

Copper. Copper dice does this.

Solid copper set and caged copper set

Copper, as you might know from high school science, oxidizes over time and turns a beautiful dark patina (and bits of green if you let it oxidize enough). The more you touch it, the more tarnished it gets. You really get a sense of where your fingers handle the dice and how often just by looking at the darker areas of tarnished copper dice.

Copper dice set, new and tarnished

The older, more experienced, and more adventure-worn your character is, the darker and more tarnished your copper dice. If there’s a better way for your dice to represent your character, I don’t know what it is!

Tarnished copper dice set

“But what about when my character retires or dies?” I hear you asking, “I would have to get a whole new set of new copper dice.” Well, not really! The awesome thing about oxidized copper is that it can be deoxidized to return back to its original shining glory. With your (basically) new set of copper dice, you can assign it to your next character and start all over again.

It’s the circle of life.


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