Caring for your Dice

When ordering a set of our Semi-Precious Gemstone Dice, they are cut from natural stone and there will be variations on colours and no two will be the same. As such, each dice is very unique and may not be perfectly symmetrical, though the dice roll is as balanced as one would expect from acrylic dice. Our Semi-Precious Dice are hand-carved and there may be imperfections such as a slight size difference between the dice, asymmetrical faces of the dice, or the numbers may be off-centre. If the unique style of our Semi-Precious Gemstone Dice is not what you're after, we do offer our range of machine cut precision metal dice as an alternative.

“How durable are the semi-precious dice?” The answer for this can be very subjective, depending on what stone is in question and to where it falls on the Geology Mohs Hardness Scale, where “hardness” is determined by the resistance of a material being scratched. So, for Quartz it generally sits at 7 out of 10 on the MoHs scale, but Malachite comes in at a 3.5/4 out of 10! For our dice lower on the scale we will use a light coat of hardener to create a more usable die.

Mohs Hardness Scale

After you have received your semi-precious gemstone dice, how do you take care of them? We suggest you store them in a safe and secure location away from anything that may cause them harm (children, pets, wyrmlings that are looking to start their hoards, etc.). You can store them in a dice vault or by using the Microfiber cloth and Level Up Dice Pouch.