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Opalite against the skyline

Like all Level Up Dice employees, I was a customer first before I made the move behind the counter. However it wasn’t until my eventual hens party that was being held at a convention that I actually got my first dice from Level Up, where my Mum purchasing 5 of our mini aluminium pipped D6s for a keepsake of the day (Although she was very keen to get her hands on all the pendants that come with the semi sets). Fortunately for me (unfortunately for my wallet), this started me down the rabbit hole of playing with luxury dice and I was unable to prevent myself from buying more and more sets until my current total now; seven full sets, 13 singles, and two LUD exclusives only for employees.

D6 pips on the Level Up Dice logo

My first full set was the now retired Mk 1 Stealth, I fell in love with the idea as soon as Alex gave me the pitch, not that he had to do a lot to convince me to buy them. I already was in the process of creating a rogue and the gears had begun turning. I spent many a month using my stealth dice specifically for stealth rolls, with the DM using the UV pen light to see my roll and then continuing our campaign based on the outcome of my roll. When the Mk 2 were released I had to get the new design, I loved the design of the new case and that they were now coloured acrylic so I splashed out and got a colour I would never normally get, red, in memory of my old rogue who died due to a failed acrobatics check when she tried to parkour out of a situation… It was a bit of a mess.

The first time I worked a convention was when my will power was tested and failed, and I finished the convention with my first semi-precious set. After working around the semi-precious counter for the majority of the weekend and staring at the beautiful pink stripped agate, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t leave with the set… I then had to complete the collection by also getting the Aqua stripped agate and finally the Purple striped after hearing they had been discontinued. I also own the exclusive Opalite set that was created in collaboration with Good Games Australia. They work perfectly with our game location, an awesome pub with wall mounted lights that angle down perfectly to get that amazing light affect that I have always loved so much about Opalite.

Opalite against the skyline

I also own one full set of Aluminium of the Knightwing Diemetric, technically they are my husbands but I have claimed them since I’m the bigger goblin out of the two of us, the PAX Australia exclusive D20, plus two single D20s and my 45mm Neo Tokyo which is used for all important decisions and was a gift for my birthday earlier this year!

The last two die I have are my most precious, Level up exclusives that only employees will ever own. First is my Charotie D20, a rare stone with the most magnificent swirls of violet, lavender and purple. The other is actually a set of four aluminium pipped D6s that form to show our logo and sit in a special case with everyone’s name inside.

LUD Logo dice and engraved lid

Now onto my next purchases and with all the amazing releases from PAX West, I’m positive I’ll be getting a wide selection of the new sets soon, here’s look at you Purple Cats Eye, Sylvan Ionized Hematite and maybe even a rainbow unicorn horn!


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