Our Fonts - Sci-Fi

Our Fonts - Sci-Fi

Before Level Up Dice was a thing, there existed a company called Level Up Coaching. Our first Level Up Dice logo as well as Level Up Dice custom font came from this preceding company. When we decided that we wanted custom font, we really wanted something that was obviously specific to us and our brand, so we (surprise) went with the font that was used in our original logo. This was the font that will show the dice world that this company and our dice are different. At this point, we realised that we can do something very special with a font cycle, which was to offer timed runs of unique fonts, so there are fresh new looks at every year’s convention.

Sci-Fi is a san-serif font which is extremely angular and plays on the idea of the rectangle. It features long clean lines that make for easily identifiable and readable numbers on the die. Its thin lines give way to large open spaces, allowing for more of the dice’s colour or material to shine through. It is now one of our Legacy Fonts and can only be found on products in the Vault.

Level Up Dice Sci Fi Font


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