Dice, Ice, Baby

Dice, Ice, Baby

I don’t know about you, but the idea of Whisky Stones has always been a fascinating one to me. To me, it’s a wonder that so many households (including my own) don’t own a set, or use them (yet). Sure, ice makes our drinks cold, but they also dilute the drink pretty quickly, especially if it’s a hot day. Or, if you’re anything like us, if there’s a lot of tense heat on the gaming table as both your weakest party member and the final boss are on their last HPs.

We all know that D&D nights are the perfect night to indulge in those snacks you don’t normally dig into. Afterall, those carbs go straight to Aknar, the level 9 Halfing Barbarian, and not yourself, right? Time to get that full-sugar Coke/Pepsi out to tide you through the night. That said, I’ve found myself in multiple situations where I’ve forgotten about my drink, and by the time I re-introduce myself to it, it’s gone warm and diluted.

Stainless Steel Dice in Whisky

Luckily, my Stainless Steel dice serves double duty when it comes to my game nights. Once I serve myself the first dose of sugary goodness, they hop right out of the freezer and straight into the cup (plastic cup is suggested, those D4 steel tips get real sharp), keeping that all-important (and least corner-y) D20 near the top. Because the steel used is Marine Grade (316-grade), it’s perfect marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel. Marine environments, like my cup of sweet sweet energy. Stainless Steel is also considered food grade, which means it’s perfectly safe for you to use your set as whisky stones too (this also means you can chuck them in the dishwasher for some clean-smelling dice).

There’s a reason my DM only uses laminated or wipe-able grids for our games. When it comes to rolling a much-needed high, I will almost always fish out a sopping, sickly-sweet, dripping D20 to throw across the table.

Images were provided by Diana D and David L, since mine live permanently at my DM’s freezer.


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