What are Inclusions?

What are Inclusions?

So you’re on our website and are looking to buy your own set of beautiful dice, but are confused about some options and need advice? You’ve checked the FAQ but are looking for more information, so you reach out to customer services and that’s where we come in! Hopefully with this upcoming blog we will be able to answer some of the more commonly asked questions with more in-depth answers than we can provide on a website without making things complicated.

Firstly, the most often asked question is “What is an inclusion?” when looking at different semi-precious stone dice options. An inclusion is caused when a material or substance gets trapped in the stone during its formation, but what does that mean? It’s actually really cool when you look at it from the perspective of different stones, one of my favourites is from the stand point of our Lapis Lazuli dice.

Lapis Lazuli Semi Precious Stone Dice Set

Lapis Lazuli falls under the “stone” category, rather than “mineral” because to get Lapis Lazuli you have to have multiple minerals come together. The main three minerals are Sodalite (the base blue colouring), Calcite (white bits), and Pyrite (the metallic yellow/gold flecked throughout). When choosing a set of Lapis Lazuli with more inclusions, we will endeavour to create you a set with more Calcite and Pyrite, so you can have a set reminiscent of a magical cloudy night sky that still has stars out. Choosing a set with less inclusions means it'll be more blue.

Now if we look at our opaque-r dice with our Rose Quartz, their inclusions are completely different as they are microscopic inclusions of a pink variety of the mineral Dumortierite. These inclusions are also responsible for the cloudy, mysterious haze that we see in a lot of our dice.

When purchasing our Rose Quartz sets, selecting the “more inclusions” option will result in the more of the cloudy sections and fissure lines present within the middle of the dies. This can be seen prominently on the tip of the D4 and around the edge of the D10. You then also get to choose more if you would prefer pinker/whiter or an even distribution of dice and how clear or translucent you would like your set to look like.

Now that you have been armed with an extra stat point to you INT score, go forth dear adventurer. Find your own set of gorgeous semi-precious dice to help you slay that Tarrasque*, protect the village, and find some comfy place to retire at the end of a long lived life. And if you find you’re ever stuck along the way, you can always email us.

*Disclaimer: Dice purchased from Level Up Dice offer no guarantee of keeping you alive when battling a Tarrasque. We do wish you good luck, a speedy death, and promise that your set will work just as well for your next character who hopefully won’t anger a Tarrasque (Maybe we should have made it a point in WIS).


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