Truly Random Dice

Truly Random Dice

The whole purpose of using dice in RPGs and a whole slew of Board Games is to make sure that the outcome is completely random and fair. The truth is, it's actually really hard to get a truly random outcome from a standard, single die.

We've all heard of weighted dice, which definitely plays a "roll" in rigged dice, but there are a a few other factors that come into play.

Join Alex below as he talks more about how to really make your dice rolls truly random.

Here at Level Up Dice, we try to provide all the tools to make sure your die-rolls are truly random. Check out our aluminium dice, which are equally weighted on all sides. If you're after something to roll your dice against (like a tower), check out this fantastic piece that would demand attention at any gaming table, The Dragon Castle by Pippenwycks.


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    Lori: June 04, 2019

    I enjoyed this little look into how the balancing is done.
    The only thing I might like to see in future is some kind of mic on Alex so we can get more of his audio over the background noises.

    Thanks and happy Monday!

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