What is Dice Versa?

What is Dice Versa?

We at Level Up Dice are always looking for ways to connect to our customers and make every experience more personal for you. After all, we’re all gamers and dice-lovers as well. We feel that this is one of the things that makes us so unique in this industry

To this end, we’ve created a new way to interact with our fans - welcome to Dice Versa! This new platform of video and written content will help to give you a look behind the scenes at Level Up Dice and answer some of your questions about how the magic happens - and who the magicians are.

Dice Versa is a peek behind our DM screen. This platform allows us to share with you all of the highs, the lows, the new exciting products that we have been working on and so much more. It is here to educate, and demonstrate our products in greater detail and introduce you to our staff, who are all incredible. It takes unique people to sell unique dice. 

Dice Versa will show you what it’s like to develop someone’s new favourite product and what it’s like to work a Convention with us. It’ll give you a glimpse into our games, our dice, our work, our lives - all of Level Up Dice will be laid bare for you.

Posts will be live on our website every fortnight on Wednesdays at 3pm PT. This first week we will launch one blog which you are reading and one Vlog from the beautiful Emily as she lets us take a seat at her D&D table while her friends teach us about their dice.  

We want your help - tell us what you want to know. Comment on our posts, let us know your questions and thoughts and we will answer them in the weeks to come. 

Get ready for everything you know about dice to be turned upside down by Dice Versa, every second Wednesday, only on levelupdice.net

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