D&D Table Adventure

D&D Table Adventure

Go on an adventure with our Corporate Manager Emily as she introduces us to her party and the incredible sets they all play with.

There are many sets seen and mentioned in this video and are available online;

Anne's Sets:-

Ionized Sylvan Raised Clear Quartz USA | AUS

Ionized Sylvan Raised Hematite USA | AUS


Dana's Sets:-

Bronzite Mardi Gras TruStone USA | AUS

Stainless Steel Set of 7 USA | AUS


Gereme's Sets:-

Raised Obsidian USA | AUS

Shadow Masque Raised Obsidian USA | AUS

D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set 


Arielle's Sets:-

Raised Obsidian USA | AUS


Chris's Sets:-

Flame touched Copper Dice Set of 7  AUS

Copper Set of 7 USA 

Damascus Steel Set of 7 USA | AUS


Emily's Sets:- 

Opalite USA | AUS

Unakite Jasper USA | AUS

Sylvan Opalite USA | AUS

Sakura Rose Quartz USA | AUS


Other Companies mentioned in this Vlog include D&D, Wyrmwood and the Rook and the Raven

Get ready for everything you know about dice to be turned upside down by Dice Versa, see you on the 19th for "They’re beautiful, but do you actually use them?” by Jaime, only on levelupdice.net

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