Our Font Cycle

Our Font Cycle

Here at Level Up Dice, we've always been firm believers of showcasing our best and newest at every Convention. In most cases, Conventions are where you'll get to see our beautiful dice, be it the semi-precious stones or metal range, in person. One way that we pride ourselves on making sure there are new products for every yearly convention is through our Font Cycle.

If you've visited us a few years in a row at conventions, or have frequented our website for a similar amount of time, you'll notice that new dice feature a different font from what it used to. If you're one of the fantastic dice fanatics who have been with us since the beginning, you might have seen our OG metal colours and stones go through a lot of fonts.

Tarnished Gold Round Aluminium Dice Set

But why do we do this? Like I mentioned in the beginning, we always want to showcase something new at every yearly convention. We don’t want to show you the same dice you already saw last year, and so we swap it out for a new font that you might like even more. I am personally in love with our Jungle colour scheme, and I can’t wait for the next font to drop so I can collect the next version of it.

Jungle Blatron Aluminium Dice Set

Because of the (aptly named) font cycle that our dice go through, most dice that you see at our conventions are technically limited edition, because that colour or stone with that font will never be machined/carved/engraved again once we move onto the next font. It’s important for us to provide that special range of dice for you at your local convention. At every convention, and on our USA online store, you’ll notice a small vault section, which is where we showcase the dice that feature fonts that have already retired. If a beautiful set of dice adorned with a legacy font (that will never be printed again), that’s the place to go.

For those who have been around for a while, you might have started noticing a pattern with the fonts that we release. It goes in this order: We release a round inspired font, followed by a sci-fi inspired font, followed by a fantasy inspired font, and then we start the Cycle again (ah, that’s why it’s called a Font Cycle!). In the next few instalments of this series, I’d like to introduce all the fonts that we’ve brought to life on our dance. We’ll go into detail of how those fonts started, the inspiration and ideas behind its creation, and how they came to the faces of the dice that we all love so much.


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