Squeaks- Medium Pippenwycks box

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Meet Squeaks!

Squeaks is scared of everything. No, I really mean everything. Spiders, storms, heights, ponies, government, libraries, ghosts, the flu, you name it, she's scared of it. But she's REALLY afraid of losing your dice! She promises to try her hardest and be super brave to make sure they're safe and you're proud of her. Isn't that sweet?

Likes: Tea, warm blankets, happy movies

Dislikes: Cold showers, loud noises, and scary movies.


About this Pippenwycks box: 

Pippenwycks Monsters are a rare breed of leathery beasts bred by the wizard Pippenwycks in Tennessee. Each fiendish creature is lovingly raised to protect your dice with the utmost care - whether you are storing them between sessions or punishing them after poor rolls.

This is a medium box, measuring 3.5"x 3.5"x 3.5" and storing approx. five sets of dice. Dice not included.

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