David Stowie- Small Pippenwycks Box

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Meet David Stowie!

Named for their heterochromia, David Stowie inherited the stage presence and out of this world attitude of the thin white duke, himself. This cocky little fellow loves strange dice and confident characters. They insist that they're a wizard, but more likely they're a bard.

Likes: Dancing, wingtip shoes, alien conspiracy theories

Dislikes: Country music, window shopping, and cut flowers.


About this Pippenwycks box: 

Pippenwycks Monsters are a rare breed of leathery beasts bred by the wizard Pippenwycks in Tennessee. Each fiendish creature is lovingly raised to protect your dice with the utmost care - whether you are storing them between sessions or punishing them after poor rolls.

This is a small box, measuring 3"x2.5"x3" and storing approx. two sets of dice. Dice not included.

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