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Level Up Dice has received many requests to create mixed sets, and this St. Patrick's Day, we're finally doing it. Try your luck with the new Mystery Set!

These mystery dice sets contain a curated set of dice that samples materials from throughout LUD's history. These sets contain discontinued and hard to find stones, metals, woods, and colorations, in addition to classics, and even unreleased products. Each set contains a complete 7 piece polyhedral set guaranteed to contain a minimum of 7 unique materials.

These materials can be anything from throughout LUD's Illustrious history, including, but not limited to: Stone, Precision Aluminium, Caged Alumninium, Stainless Steel, Caged Stainless Steel, Brass, Caged Brass, Copper, Caged Copper, Damascus, Wood, Bone, and yes, even our infamous Tungsten.  There is a 1 in 3 chance that your set will contain a piece from our caged, or heavy metal collections. 

Check out the full list of possible materials here to see what came in your set!


*The photos pictured show examples of different mystery sets. Items ordered may not have the same composition as those shown here. All Sales Final on this Product.