Evewynn's Workshop FAQ

What can I expect with handmade dice?

You can expect to have a special set of dice that are not likely to be seen elsewhere. This is because each set is handmade by me. Everyone who makes dice uses different materials and techniques, but in general, they tend to be pretty unique. I do my best to craft dice that are beautiful and as ‘polished’ (or as finished) as I can make. Still, being handmade, they will have little things about them that make them unique. 

There may be slight variances in some corners, pigment or particle distribution, or marks of hand-crafting such as tool marks, sanding marks, or minor scratches. I call them words like ‘blips’, ‘dings’, and ‘bloops’. These aren’t necessarily considered flaws (though for the sake of it, you can call them ‘flaws’), and they give each handcrafted dice character. While my dice are not perfect, and they are not balanced, they still roll fairly random when I test them out. When you purchase handcast dice from my workshop, you’re purchasing something special and different from other dice— a craft from a humble wizard who seeks to do as best she can, and share the light with those she meets along the way.

If you’re looking for flawless polyhedral dice, handmade polyhedral dice will likely not be what you’re looking for. My handmade dice will have a more handcrafted, ‘rustic’ feel and look, and that’s part of their charm. 

How can I best care for my new dice?

As I always say, keep out of heat and direct sunlight for extended periods of time (don’t leave them in a hot car in the summer, etc. ) as I use a variety of materials in crafting and for some sets, clear-coating dice and there’s a chance not everything will handle such heat well. 

I always store my handcrafted dice in a small zip bag and keep that in a soft pouch to keep them safe. I include both when I mail a set of handmade dice to you. 

Dice are sturdy but not invincible. I usually roll any dice I have, handcrafted or mass produced, on a small leather rolling tray. There are lots of styles of trays out there and I recommend using one to keep your dice looking nice. If you’re using metal dice, you will want to have a tray as those will chew up a tabletop. 

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away smudges. 

These dice are not intended to be re-inked.

Since I hand-paint the numbers on these, and I use a variety of paints for different effects, I don’t recommend washing or soaking the dice for an extended period of time, as it may affect the inking. That said, if something goes awry (like a rogue can of Dr. Thunder at the game table) and you do need to wash the dice, or if the paint is mucked up in some way, I will be happy to give my best recommendation on repainting the numbers.

If you intend to re-ink, I will stress against using any solvents to remove the old paint. That stuff eats dice of all kinds. I won’t be able to replace handmade dice damaged by attempts to strip and re-ink.

When in doubt, please ask questions, as I will be glad to help.

Please refer to my FAQ for additional clarification and recommendations for care of this art piece. FAQ can be found here: https://www.evewynn.com/faq


Shipping & Packaging

Each set comes packed in a plastic zip bag, and in a pouch with a star charm. Accompanying each set is a letter wax-stamped and signed by Evewynn. 

Shipping in the USA will be by priority box for $8.30/each

International Shipping varies by location. 

Sets will take up to a week to pack and ship.

If you are purchasing from overseas or outside of the United States, I am not responsible for any customs fees your order package may incur. I have no control over fees or customs fees. Thank you for your understanding.