The Gaming Attaché - Utility Shard

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Color: Walnut

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Level Up Dice is proud to present our exclusive Loot Everything Gaming Attaché range.
The Gaming Attaché is everything a valiant TTRPG player will ever need during their adventures, demonstrating a wonderful balance of ingenuity and elegance.

Every hero has their tools. Whether they be a trusty sword that has seen many battles, a potion making kit that has saved close companions, or just a trinket that reminds you of home it’s important to know what powers these items hold. Introducing our Utility Shard, the perfect tool to keep track of your in game tools and abilities! Keep track of how much damage your favourite spell deals, or how many times you can whack that mimic on the head with your hero's blade. Whatever you may need, our Utility Shard has you covered.

This is a stand alone TGA accessory.

Each Shard will occupy 1 slot in the Inner Keep