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Level Up Dice is proud to present our exclusive Loot Everything Gaming Attaché range. Our TGA range is everything a valiant TTRPG player will ever need during their adventures, demonstrating a wonderful balance of ingenuity and elegance.

Every person is an individual, and we believe that you should be able to express that no matter where you are, including at your gaming table. Our TGA Parapet gives you the ability to change the appearance of your Gaming Attaché to match you as a player, your character or even the system you are playing in. The Parapet is completely removable and attaches to our TGA Inner Keep through a series of magnets. It can stand alone as a GM or player screen and offers removable panels for you to customize based on your gaming needs. The uses for TGA Parapet really are only limited by your imagination. 
The LUD team have kickstarted your Parapet customization for you by creating free PDF printable templates for both GM’s and Players with many more templates to come! 
These digital downloads will be made available at check out and will be sent via email.  

This is a stand alone TGA accessory.