The Gaming Attaché Companion Bundle

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Level Up Dice is proud to present our exclusive Loot Everything Gaming Attaché range. The Gaming Attaché (TGA) is everything a valiant TTRPG player will ever need during their adventures, demonstrating a wonderful balance of ingenuity and elegance.

Each TGA is handcrafted and designed to work alongside multiple TTRPG systems, from D&D to Pathfinder, VTM, Warhammer and more.
It’s easily transportable and compact, making it the perfect companion piece for adventures near and far.
Our TGA range is crafted from Birch timberwood which is an extremely strong, highly compressed hardwood, making it a wonderful material to forge these collectors items with.

Be the first of your party to experience The Gaming Attaché in all its glory with this limited, all-inclusive Companion Bundle!

The Gaming Attaché Companion Bundle includes: 

  • 1 TGA Inner Keep 
  • 1 TGA Parapet 
  • 1 TGA Tower
  • 2 TGA Chambers 
  • 1 TGA Petal Box
  • 1 TGA Character Shard 
  • 1 TGA Ability Shard 
  • 1 TGA Utility Shard 
  • 1 TGA Scribe Shard 

We suggest taking a look at the many accessories and add-ons that encompass The Gaming Attaché range.