Duel Case Shadow Masque Glyphic Appreciation Range

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This Shadow Masque Glyphic Design pays homage to all things dark and mysterious. Featuring some rounded elements but mostly sudden and sharp shapes along with a mixture of sharp curves and points the design harken to medieval rosaries and sculptures, masquerades and the occult one of the first designs we honour in our Glyphic Appreciation Range.

Bringing a Duel Case to the table not only warns your opponents to be en guarde, it tells them you’re using cutting edge design to store your most beautiful dice! Duel cases represent the first innovation in dice storage in years and offer ergonomically superior design, opening sideways smoothly with a gentle motion.

This patented design protects dice in transit, but also keeps them safe during opening - no more vertical opening dice boxes, which can damage dice that fly out of them when magnetized lids are pulled off.

Featuring beautiful hand-crafted wooden exteriors, Duel Cases are elegant and durable; a perfect match for any Level Up Dice set.