Our Fonts - Round

Our Fonts - Round

If you own a lot of dice, you’ll notice that their fonts are usually the same, very similar, or one of the few that you normally see on dice. A lot of dice fonts look the same because there are a few industry-standard fonts that have been tested to work on small surfaces such as dice. Our round font is one of these pre-made industry-standard fonts. This run allowed us to learn what the community liked. We realised that not a lot of dice makers use custom fonts, and so we realised during this first run that we wanted to make at least one custom font to feature on our dice range.

Round is a standard san-serif font, which allows for easy-to-read numbers on extremely small canvases. It is now one of our Legacy Fonts but there are a few dice that still feature the font.

Aluminium Dual Colour Corroded Rust Round



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