My First Month at LUD

My First Month at LUD

Hello, reader! I’m Jaime, the latest addition to the Level Up Dice family! I’ve been here for about a month now and yes, I’m absolutely loving it. Let me tell you a little about what things look like from behind the curtain…


What do you do, Jaime?

I’m the Retail Assistance Lead, which means that when a store wants to get some dice made, they talk to me. That’s not exactly the kind of job you can just wake up one morning and start doing, so I had to find out the whole process, from start to finish, of how Level Up Dice are made. 

I can’t talk about the magic parts of the process (like the meetings with the gods of Chaos and Order, who dose the dice with the purest essence of randomness, or the Precision Cutting Training Camp, where fledgling dicemakers practise with less accurate cutting machines than we use, like Lazers and Katanas), but essentially, your local FLGS gives me their logo and a font they like, we make them some dice, ship them out and hopefully make lots of people happy.

Before I can get to that part, there’s a lot of research to do. I’ve just spent most of a week looking through the websites for every game store I could find in Canada, for example, looking for the best amongst them and contacting them to let them know about Level Up Dice. It’s been a lot of fun, but now I really want to visit Canada!



What Else Do You Do, Jaime?

One thing I discovered quickly is that almost no-one here does only one thing; the magic happens because everyone helps out, pitches in and lends their expertise. So while my primary duties are with Retailers, I also draw on some past experience and work with our warehouse facility here in Australia, making sure there’s stock available, as the dice must flow! I’m also working on another super-secret project that I can’t talk about. No, seriously, not even a hint. Otherwise I’ll get fired and won’t be able to do it!


How Did You Get The Job?

I used to own a game store, where I sold Level Up Dice. Then I ran several stores where we sold Level Up Dice. Along the way, I kept buying sets of Level Up Dice. Now, I work for Level Up Dice - logical progression, right? To answer the inevitable question, my favourite set are my Flame-Touched Titanium -  unique set called Danger Zone, after the song that was playing throughout their colouration process.

Danger Zone Flame Touched Titanium


You Haven’t Actually Told Us Much About Your Job

Well, that’s because I can’t - trade secrets and spoilers, I’m afraid. But here’s what you really need to know: Level Up Dice is full of cool people, who love what they do, which is make awesome, shiny, beautiful dice that make game tables around the world into better places!


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