My Dice Children - Atlanta

My Dice Children - Atlanta

Many tales start with the first glance and this is where my dice addiction began! I was working for another company that travels around to Pop Culture conventions. One of my favourite aspects of working in the convention circuit is being able to meet and talk to other workers. So after setting up my booth in the morning, I went for a walk around the convention before we opened to the public. That’s when… I saw them! A smaller booth with glass cabinets and they were displaying … DICE? Not just any dice STONE DICE! BUT DICE THAT ARE MADE OUT OF STONES! At the time I was obsessed with Rose Quartz because it is my birthstone. At the time I was busy but I was interested in the dice and knew I would see them again.

 A few months go by and I decide its time to buy my first set. It was PAX EAST 2018, at this stage I had done the demo many times and I was obsessed. It took me the weekend to decide and I finalised on a full set of Copper. The reason why I chose copper was that at the time I was playing a Kitsune fighter which had a copper rapier so it fit in very well with the characters aesthetic.

But I couldn’t just stop there I also got a Wyrmwood dice vault and what wood would go better with copper than Flame Box Elder. Here they are! But you may think… Is that copper? Why do they look a little discoloured? So Copper does tarnish but also after a lot of research we discovered that it can be heat treated. My set was one of the first copper sets to get Flametouched into the beauties they are today.

Flame Touched Copper in Wyrmwood Vault

My next set I purchased at Salt Lake City in Utah when I was working with the Company, but I had recently started a new campaign. He was an Eladrin ranger with a past that heavily consisted of warfare. We had recently released our Pollock aluminium at this stage and there was a set that I thought would fit this character perfectly. The set is called Riddled and it is a black base with purple and green splatters.

Riddled Aluminium Solid Set of 7

Although I have these amazing dice on my belt, I know it won't stop here. My journey with these fate-determining polyhedrals have only just begun, and I look forward to more characters, more sets, and more adventures!


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