Stainless Steel Mini D6

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Stainless Steel Mini D6 Metal Dice  

Our Stainless Steel Dice are 316 grade, also known as Marine Grade Stainless.  It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel. The fact that it is negligibly responsive to magnetic fields means that it can be used in applications where a non-magnetic metal is required. Another benefit of this grade of steel is it is considered food grade so these dice when not rolling on the table make great whiskey stones. For obvious reasons we do not recommend the D4 or the Mini D6's for this purpose.

All our Stainless Steel Metal Dice are CNC machined and then engraved.

These are 12mm D6s perfect for use in any game. They contain pips instead of numbers.

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We suggest, if possible, to see our creations in person at one of your local conventions prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for them. Check our Calendar to find where you can inspect our creations in person.

Note: 1 unit includes one (1) single die.