Maple Dice Vault by Wyrmwood

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Suede liners now available online!

Level Up Dice is proud to present our exclusive Wyrmwood dice vault range.

These vaults feature the Level Up Dice logo, and maintain the high standard of craftsmanship and beauty that people have come to associate with Level Up Dice, as well as with our partners at Wyrmwood.

These hand crafted vaults seal magnetically and show off the natural beauty of the wood while keeping your favorite set of dice safe and sound. The woods offered here are not part of the typical offerings at Wyrmwood, making our products an exclusive collector's item that will surely grab the eye of every adventurer in your party.

Coming in hard and soft varieties, maple is known for many things: syrup, musical instruments, and its iconic leaf. The pale white wood will take on a golden patina with time. Swirls of tan or gray, as well as figure and shimmer, may also be present in your vault. In many ways an unforgiving wood, maple can be prone to tear-out and burn, so sharp tools are required when working it.  

Want to add an extra layer of class to your dice vault? We offer custom-fit suede liners to level up your Wyrmwood experience. Want to protect your dice vault while it protects your dice? Our Crimson Chain Leather Vault Holsters will get the job done.