Detect Magic - Evewynn's Workshop

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This set is named for the trusty spell Detect Magic! Swirls and puffs of purple disperse through clear glitter resin. Colors flash throughout as light reflects on colorful iridescence within. Turning the piece in light shows off the subtle flash of those colors and the glitter diffused by the matte finish.

This is a 7-piece standard set. The D20 has the Crescent Moon 20 face.

This set is inked in metallic berry. Some of the metallic paint shimmer from the inking process may still reside on some of the faces and shimmer at certain angles when pieces are turned in the light. This may fade with use and handling of the pieces.

Set Character:

D6: The purple wisps are fainter, giving the piece a lighter color feel.
Set: Standard 7-piece set
Primary Color: purple glitter
Inclusion(s): Iridescence
20 Face(s): Crescent Moon D20
Ink: Berry

Greetings friends! My name is Evewynn Of Evenwood (Of is my middle name!) and I’ve got some delightful trinkets for you to peruse! They are delightfully unique pieces from my workshop, and I am pleased to present them to you!

I have been experimenting with colors, materials, and molds-- and created some delightful new pieces along with some old favorites! Cast in resin, these are prototypes of some of my spells, and are quite delightful discoveries!

These resin polyhedral dice are handmade by I, Evewynn, wizard of light and trinkets. Handmade dice will have handmade character which means they are imperfect. They may include small handmade marks, tool marks, small bubbles, individual piece shape variance or other ‘flaws’ that make them unique. These pieces are experimental in nature, and prototypes of my casting magic. These are not mass manufactured— I create each piece myself and each spell is cast with the love I have for this craft. For those discerning adventurers looking for perfectly balanced polyhedrals, these handmade treasures will not fit that bill. They still roll quite randomly however and are a delight to behold as handcrafted pieces.

By purchasing these polyhedral art pieces, you acknowledge that you understand they are unique, and imperfect.

As with most dice I cast, the overall feel or mood of the pieces can shift depending on lighting situation and the surface it is placed upon. In sunlight, the colors appear brighter and more vibrant, while under indoor lighting, the colors are subdued. Flecks of glitter and color are visible throughout.

These dice are in my classic Kosmos style.

Kosmos style dice have a matte/frosted surface look to them. All the faces are a matte finish, making light and color diffuse beautifully. The result is the signature soft-glowy look for my Kosmos polyhedral dice.

The Kosmos style dice are named for my beloved hamster Kosmos, who was in turn, named for the historical spacecraft launched at the dawn of space exploration.

Descriptions of colors are an approximation as technological devices (known to you as monitors and screens) can vary. I am a red-green colorblind wizard and I will attempt my best description of coloring for each individual cast. I attempt to show each piece adequately in multiple lighting situations.

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Shipping & Packaging

Each set comes packed in a plastic zip bag, and in a pouch with a star charm. Accompanying each set is a letter wax-stamped and signed by Evewynn. Sets will take up to a week to pack and ship.

Shipping in the USA is by Priority Mail. International Shipping is by Priority Mail (tracking included) or First Class (no tracking).

If you are purchasing from overseas or outside of the United States, I am not responsible for any customs fees your order package may incur. I have no control over fees or customs fees. Thank you for your understanding.