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1985 Games

1985 Games is a small start-up that was formed by a group of players who hated drawing trees. This basic concept of printing trees to cut-out and use in gameplay sparked the creation of Dungeon Craft: Vol 1. The idea is simple, we want players to spend more time rolling dice and role-playing while spending less time drawing trees.

We plan to have free shipping all weekend.

Amourable Art

Pat Kenrick creates watercolor and alcohol ink pop art prints with a unique cut-out technique he developed himself. His elevated fan art allows the fan to explore their fandom with art that matches their modern tastes.

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Archon Games

Archon Games is an independent game design group based in Boulder, Colorado. As a collective of passionate gamers and artists we seek to carry the flame of innovation in tabletop gaming with our vision and aesthetic.

Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles creates soy candles scented for use with tabletop games and adventures. Their themed fragrances feature Taverns, mossy temples, forests, and even ancient libraries!

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We’re the inventors and sellers of the Dice Ring and Life Counter Ring. We've genetically crossed dice with spinner rings so you can get your roll on anytime and anywhere!

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Crystal Sully

My name is Crystal Sully - I paint monsters and dragons for the gaming industry. I created a book of beasts called "The Untamed Beastiary: A Field Guide to Marvelous Monsters"

Deven Rue

Maker of maps, critical cartographer, creator of props, explorer of dungeons, hoarder of dice, cat wrangler.

Die Hard Dice

Die Hard Dice is a community driven company bringing dice to players from all walks of life.

First new metal set of the year, and other new releases!

Elderwood Academy

We craft fully customized fine wood dice and game boxes for your gaming needs and style.

This weekend we will be offering free shipping on domestic orders and an online version of our convention giveaway using #ElderwoodConSaves. Additionally, free dice catapult will be included with every order, and a portion of orders over $49 will go to ReLeaf Michigan

Foam Brain

Foam Brain Games is the convention store you love, with a large variety of board and card games, dice, and novelties.

We will be doing a 10% off as well as a Give-away for a set of pre-production pride dice!

Found Familiar Coffee

Found Familiar is a brand new partnership rolling out D&D-inspired coffee. Created to support artists and celebrate creativity in the TTRPG community, we sell fresh roasted, specialty grade coffee featuring fantasy art by artists you know and love. We ship internationally!

Buy One, Get One 20% off all coffee March 12th - 15th. Free shipping on coffee orders over $60 USD.

Gemhammer and Sons

Gemhammer and Sons is a Boston-based Tabletop RPG Accessory Forge and traveling Shop of Wondrous Items. Focused on providing More, Better Game Stuff, Gemhammer is the only place to go for Decks of Many Things, Critical Hits and Failures, Plunder, Spell books, and Adventure Guides that direct you to the adversaries and riches that only walking-around-with-a-Half-Orc-Barbarian can buy!

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Han Cholo

Han Cholo Specializes in Officially Licensed Jewelry for Classic and Modern Fandoms. The products from the licenses we work with on our website are from Transformers, Dungeons and Dragons, Masters of The Universe, Voltron (Classic and Modern), She-Ra Princess of Power, Universal Monsters. Han Cholo x For Ages Cool and Up.

We are having a Friday the 13th SALE for 25% all of our Universal Monsters Jewelry and people can use the CODE: ECCC20 for 20% off their order.

Heartbeat Dice

HeartBeat Dice offers a variety of Pride-themed polyhedral dice sets and accessories for board & role-playing games!

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Hunters Entertainment

Hunters Entertainment brings you the Altered carbon RPG

Pre-Orders Available this weekend

KT Octopus

Hi, this is Kaity from KTOctopus, I’m a sculptor in Los Angeles selling my work at different conventions across the US. I love sculpting tentacles and monsters and experimenting with new mediums to make my work as unique as possible. Each of my creations is one of a kind!

Level Up Dice

Level Up Dice is a multinational luxury gaming company bringing the best of tabletop to gamers around the world

No Cost US Domestic Shipping, 3 new releases

Mage Hand Press

Mage Hand Press is a small team of exceptionally talented writers and illustrators that have been working for over five years to create professional quality content for D&D 5E.Their best work takes Dungeons and Dragons to new genres, from science fiction, to the Old West, to classic horror movies.

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The Rook & The Raven

Innovative notebooks for gamers, writers, artists, and dreamers

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Sanshee is a premium brand merchandiser for the gaming, anime, and pop subcultures, providing officially licensed product lines for properties large and small to a community of fans across the globe.

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Steam Crow

We are misfits who design, illustrate and create astonishingly good monster goods. Established in 2005 by artists Daniel and Dawna Davis, we're dedicated to making amazing and odd goods with our unique old-time cartoon aesthetic.

Free shipping on orders $99 and up

The Utensil Company

High quality nerdy stuff - A little something for everyone

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Volante Design

Volante Design is building a world of fashion where ordinary people can feel extraordinary. We take inspiration from comic books, video games, film, anime, and anywhere else we can find heroes and villains.

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Wyrmwood is a small, customer-focused company founded by three friends, whose mission is to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials to the tabletop gaming community. Our product line includes dice vaults, dice towers, tabletop dice trays, personal dice trays, dice, meeples, game tables, game table accessories and more.

$50 Gift Card for every $200 spent, Free shipping for orders over $100, Free international shipping for orders over $250. Roll The Dice on Dice Vaults, Roleplayer's Gift Sets (a Dice Vault & Tabletop Tray), and Tabletop Dice Trays


Jen Vinson, a Minneapolis-based graphic designer and dice maker. I design Game Informer magazine by sunlight, and create design-forward goods and layouts for Tabletop RPGs by moonlight.