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Topaz is generally regarded as a precious gemstone and is our first dice of that classification. It is the traditional birthstone for those born in November and comes in a wide range of naturally occurring colors. The topaz we use is the traditional, natural color and ranges from golden brown to yellow.

Does your barbarian suffer from a short temper or fits of rage? Is your party trapped in a dungeon surrounded by deadly magical traps? Did a bog witch place a terrible curse on your favorite character? During the European Renaissance, it was widely believed that topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger, so grab your set today and help tip the scales in your party’s favour. 

We recommend that you do not roll your semi-precious stone dice on a surface harder than they are (i.e., glass or wood tables). We suggest you roll them in a dice tray to prevent possible chipping or breaking. See more about caring for Semi Precious Stone here

Natural Stone Disclaimer: Please note when ordering a set of our Semi-Precious Dice, they are created from natural materials, and there will be differences between every die. Our Semi-Precious Dice are hand-crafted, so there may be minor variations such as slight size differences, asymmetrical faces, or off-centre numbering. As such, each die is unique and may not be perfectly symmetrical; their roll is as balanced as one would expect from acrylic dice.

With our stone range we do short run engraving with special fonts to keep the dice limited run. You can find more information on our fonts here.

Ordering: To help us create your personalized Semi-Precious Dice set, please select one choice from each of the options on the left, one choice from each selection. If no selection is made, we will do “Surprise me!” for you.

Please note that while we will endeavour to match your variation request, given the unique and individual nature of each item we cannot guarantee that the stock available will be a perfect match.

We suggest, if possible, to see our creations in person at one of your local conventions prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for them. Check our Calendar to find where you can inspect our creations in person.

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